I'm Anastasiya Chernadskaya

Front End developer

About Me

A small introduction about my self

Anastasiya Chernadskaya

Front End Developer from Sevastopol, Crimea

  • standards compliant;
  • semantically correct;
  • working in all major browsers with regards to backwards compatibility;
  • attentive to detail.

You always get the job done in time.

Also all you need is described here: http://www.linkedin.com/in/chernadskaya

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Technical Skills

I can say i’m quite good at


Responsive Layout

Twitter Bootstrap

Email Templates Layout


WordPress CMS

Work Experience

My previous associations

Feb, 2013 – Present

Neovada Labs

Middle Front-End Developer

CSS3, HTML5, LESS, responsive web-design and a little bit jQuery. Front End development for PhoneGap applications. Mobile web development. Wordpress development.

Nov, 2011 –
Feb, 2013

ProspX Inc

Middle Front-End Developer

Support ("spikes", redesign, re-layout, the translation system doctype html5 mode of the quirk-mode) and development (coding, integration) html+css for enterprise-level system, conducting usability-testing system and improving user experience, writing the code standards for a group of developers (30+ people), learning them the basics of layout, code optimization (support, flexibility, and reuse template code). Using LESS for decreasing of time of development.

Nov, 2010 –
Oct, 2011


Jr Front-End Developer

Valid, cross-browser (IE7 +, FF, Opera, Safari, Chrome), semantic layout template for sites, integrating layout in 1C-Bitrix CMS, splitting and optimization of graphics psd-layout, engaged in the support and development (coding, integration, scripting a small part) of such sites: http://rarus.ru/, http://rarus.ru/en/, http://rarus.com.ua/, http://retail.ru/, http://gaap.ru/.

What people say about me

My clients about my work

Armen Khanoyants

Chief Commercial Officer, ipartner

A few years ago we met Nastya via i-partner and since then we cannot imagine working without her. Together we have implemented a lot of projects, both big and not so much. She provided excellent front end work and maintenance quality. We are friends with Nastya and always glad to see her in our comfortable office.

Konstantin Sergeev

Web Solutions Specialist, Studio 2D

During the 8 years of working in Web Development we hired a lot of front end developers, but when we started working with Anastasia a few years ago, she instantly became our favorite. Her responsibility and professionalism especially impressed us - tasks are always finished earlier than the deadline, with all specified features and remarks. Adjustments, the need for which usually appears very rarely and because of inaccurate or incomplete project specification, are made quickly. We were happy working with Nastya and will recommend her services to all our friends (but not competitors!).

Arsen Mkrtumyan

Project Manager, ProwebPlus & Novox

I've been working with Anastasia for more than 3 years, both inside the companies where I worked(there were two of them), and on my private projects. What I genuinely like about Nastya, is that you don't need to explain every little detail to her - I just showed her the template, discussed it for 20 minutes and was sure that everything will be done properly, she even suggested some additional ideas about the project. I always recommend Nastya when my colleagues are in need of a skilled front end developer.

Alexander Chaly

Director of Sevastopol dev center and Project Manager at Svitla Systems, Inc.

I've been working with Nastya around 2 years as her manager and she did a really great job. We had a complete mess of HTML and CSS in our enterprise product (commercial insurance) and her task was to build a good structure on front end; refactor all legacy code according to it and make sure that everyone (we had a big team around 30 developers) follows standards with new code. She coped with it greatly! Other than that, I would highlight good communication skills. It was really pleasure to work together.

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